Sanding Only: from £11.00 per m2
Sanding and 3 coats of Varnish : from £15.00 per m2
Extra coat of Varnish: from £4 per m2
Sanding and 2 coats of Hardwax Oil : from £19.00 per m2
Sanding and 3 coats of Wood Floor Oil: from £18 per m2
Staining/coloring : from £4.00 per m2
Lime Washing / Liming / Bleaching  / Whitening: from £4 per m2
Gap Filling (w/t dust & resin mix): from £4.00 per m2
Gap Filling (w/t wood slivers, dust and resin mix): From £10.00 per m2
Firebase re-stitch/ concrete Hearth Removal: between £180 - £270 (depending on size and type)
Reclaimed Pine Floor Boards (Labor only): from £10.00 per linear metre 

Laminate floor installation:

Engineered wood floor installation

From £10.00 per m2

from £15 per m2

Solid wood floor installation: From £18 per m2
Stairs: Sand and Seal: from £30 per step

Parquet flooring:


Beading fitting (does not include supplay)

From £30  per m2           

from £ 5   per l.m

      £3 per  l.m

Carpet Removal: from £20 per room
Carpet Removal and Disposal: from £50 per room
Furniture Move:(we will not be held responsible for furniture placing, this service is only to enable us to work on the floor in its entirety) From £50 per room
Supply and installation of new flooring by individual quote: Please contact us.
Additional labour( restoration and repairs etc.) from £35.00 per hour

Our minimal chargeis currently£300

We do not charge VAT and have no hidden prices, which can make a big difference to your final bill.